During 2000, after adopting the attitude of opening towards Europe, and following the global trend of increased consumption of health food and seafood produce, we set up an enterprise dealing exclusively in the sale of fish. Today, the PRINCIPAL DUO company has the annual turnover of USD 6 million in the sales of fish produce.

At the moment of making this Internet presentation, the PRINCIPAL DUO company is the largest supplier of fish and fish produce to the Metro "Cash & Carry" out lets a fact that speaks for itself about our desire for an ever-increasing level of the quality of service and for an ever-improving service to our customers. At the moment, the company has around 700 customers of various profiles, including restaurants, hotels, fish shops, supermarkets, wholesales, and others. The company possesses its own cold storage with a capacity of around 800 MT, its own fleet of 20 distribution vehicles, each of which can collect and deliver a cargo of between 1 and 10 MT. We have various types of specialist teams dealing with sales, to suit the needs of various profiles of customers; these are very mobile and constantly on the move around Serbia. Our customers can rely on the quality of our service, which is guaranteed by the licences obtained in 2008, including HACCP and ISO 9001:2000. Our four retail outlets are located in Čačak and Belgrade. There are 60 employees working in the company at the moment, with the plans of taking on more staff, to support the current growing volume of business operation.


From the very beginning, we have developed our own brand - "BARKA", recognisable for the continuity in the upgrading of its quality. The growing range of products included in this brand has reached the number of 70 different items - fish and fish produce.