Dear visitor,

With pleasure inform you that we have our corporate headquarters, which was at Trnavska 45, moved to the new building at Djakona Avakuma bb, Cacak.

Monitoring of new technologies in the construction, modern facility in which the company is now Principal duo meets all requirements and standards set by the European Union. Acquired conditions to the sale of goods from our range extend beyond our borders.

Besides 800m2 commercial space that extends over 4 floors in the building there is a warehouse that chamber capacity 1200mt. Consolidated production, storage and wholesale our items whereby the distribution of goods to our customers brought to perfection.

Contact phone number remain the same:

Serbia, 32000 Čačak, Djakona Avakuma bb

Tel/Fax: + 381 (0) 32 370 790

Wholesale Čačak: Djakona Avakuma bb, + 381 (0) 32 370 790